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About us

About the TCPA

The Town and Country Planning Association campaigns for the reform of the UK’s planning system to make it more responsive to people’s needs and aspirations and to promote sustainable development.

The TCPA occupies a unique position, overlapping with those involved in the development industry, the environmental movement and those concerned with social justice. The Association prides itself on leading-edge, radical thinking and problem-solving.

Our objectives are to:

  • Secure a decent, well designed home for everyone, in a human-scale environment combining the best features of town and country
  • Empower people and communities to influence decisions that affect them
  • Improve the planning system in accordance with the principles of sustainable development

Download the TCPA's new Manifesto for the 21st Century 'towns and countryside for a new age of challenge'

Today, the TCPA and its members are working on the key environmental and social issues which will shape how and where we will live in the 21st century:

  • What do the forecasts for household growth mean for our cities and the countryside?
  • How can we ensure decent housing for all, and where should it go?
  • How can we better engage people in the changes necessary to bring about sustainable development?
  • How can we secure strategic and regional planning and development with long-term vision, while at the same time ensuring that the planning system acts and responds more swiftly?
Our policies inform major national and regional issues including:
  • Integrating sustainable development into planning policy
  • Improving public spaces
  • Bringing empty homes back into use
  • Providing more high quality affordable housing
  • Managing land values to benefit the local economy and local people
  • Developing innovative means to fund vital infrastructure
  • Responding effectively to demographic shifts in the housing and jobs market
  • Designing high quality infrastructure to ensure development is sustainable
  • Planning for a more stable and sustainable pattern of development

Green and Blue Space Adaptation for Urban Areas and Eco Towns (GRaBS)  

The TCPA is the lead partner in the new Green and Blue Space Adaptation for Urban Areas and Eco Towns (GRaBS) project.

The GRaBS project is a network of leading pan-European organisations involved in integrating climate change adaptation into regional planning and development. The project has been co-financed by the European Union European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and made possible by the INTERREG IVC Programme



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