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APaNGO Project Objectives

 APaNGO Project Objectives

The APaNGO project has six objectives: 

  1. To develop an understanding of the techniques, systems and infrastructure that are available in different member states to help the general public and community groups to engage constructively in planning and development decision-making at regional level.
  2. To test and implement methods and processes for involving local people in regional planning.
  3. To set up a standing transnational forum between a variety of NGOs which provide community representation in forward planning and development processes at city, regional or (with the emergence of the European Spatial Development Perspective) European level.
  4. To enhance skills and resources for community involvement in planning.
  5. To produce a good practice guide aiming to disseminate best practice in community involvement in local and regional planning issues.
  6. To provide an enduring resource for community involvement in planning for Europe

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