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Building the Future- TCPA pre-election manifesto 2015

Download 'Building the Future' here

The Town and Country Planning Association has launched its pre-election manifesto ‘Building the Future’ which warns that there is a real danger that the planning system, a vital national asset, essential to the maintenance and well-being of the country, will soon be lost. 

The TCPA’s position is simple: good planning makes better places and as we continue to battle with the nation’s housing crisis, good planning is needed as never before to plan for and create the homes and communities we desperately need. However the consistent deregulation and demoralisation of the planning system, coupled with a lack of resources is putting the very fabric of our towns, cites and the countryside at risk.  National planning policy has lost any sense of the progressive social values that are the traditional foundation of town planning, and planning is no longer seen as a force to make people’s lives better.

 The manifesto calls for action in the first 100 days of a new Government to restore the importance of planning as a key tool in delivering much needed new homes and communities.  This includes taking steps such as creating a new legally defined purpose for planning based on sustainable development, the updating and effective deployment of New Towns legislation, and changing the National Planning Policy Framework to place social justice, equality and climate change at the heart of planning decisions.  The manifesto additionally calls for better planning for cities, and stronger measures to ensure that councils work together to meet housing need.

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