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As the climate continues to warm, it is increasingly important to ensure that our cities, towns and homes are properly adapted to cope with flooding, heatwaves and other types of extreme weather.

 Funded by the EU’s Lifelong Learning Programme, CLIMCAP (qualification scheme for climate adaptation in construction, architecture and planning) is a two-year pan-European project set up to develop training in climate change adaptation for those working in the built environment professions. 

 The CLIMCAP project is developing an innovative EU-accredited training qualification offering professionals who work in the built environment sector the practical skills and knowledge required to plan and deliver adaptation for the built environment. Integrating climate change adaptation with planning, architecture and construction at the local level is central to building resilience to climate change in the places where people live and work. 

 Research has identified that there is a gap in knowledge transfer and communication between those responsible for spatial design and planning in urban areas and the leading-edge research and solutions available across Europe.  Working together, experienced partners from five EU countries will share resources and expertise on known climate change adaptation impacts and existing training materials and modules, in order to devise a new qualification scheme. 

 Click here to download a copy of the CLIM CAP brochure.  For more information please visit www.climcap.eu

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