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Climate Change Adaptation By Design

Climate Change Adaptation By Design

Download Climate Change Adaptation By Design 

As our communities change we can take opportunities to reduce our vulnerability and exposure to climate risks. With the appropriate policies in place, spatial planning and urban design can provide vital tools for ensuring that the UK is well adapted. The aim of Climate Change Adaptation by Design is to communicate the importance of adapting to some degree of inevitable climate change, and to show how adaptation can be integrated into the planning, design and development of new and existing communities.

Drawing on research just published as part of the Building Knowledge for a Changing Climate programme, the guide uniquely considers how adaptation options are influenced by geographical location and the scale of development. It considers the interrelated roles of the planning system, communities, other stakeholders and delivery bodies. It seeks to ensure a better understanding of climate risks while demonstrating effective adaptation strategies through case studies from around the world.

This is the third in the series of ‘TCPA By Design Guides for Sustainable Communities’. The TCPA published its ‘Programme for Sustainable Communities’ in 2001 calling for the positive planning and delivery of a greater number of homes to higher standards in ‘sustainable communities’. This demanded enhanced levels of biodiversity, renewable energy and energy effi ciency. It set out a vision, which ‘above all, sees our communities as integrated with the natural environment rather than set against it’. The following year the Government launched its groundbreaking Sustainable Communities Programme. This is the third in the series of TCPA By Design guides, which we hope will be of use to planners, urban designers, developers and to anyone engaged in creating sustainable communities.

This Guide was prepared for the TCPA by Robert Shaw, former Director of Policy & Projects at the TCPA and Michelle Colley and Richenda Connell of Acclimatise, www.acclimatise.uk.com. It was designed by thomas.matthews www.thomasmatthews.com

The TCPA wishes to acknowledge the input and fi nancial support of the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment, English Partnerships, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, and the Environment Agency. 


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