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Creating Garden Cities and Suburbs Today - a guide for councils

Download 'Creating Garden Cities and Suburbs Today -  a guide for councils'

March 2013

We know that we will have to build homes to house the nation into the 21st century: the question is not whether we build but whether we have the determination to deliver high-quality communities that will stand the test of time.

As this guide argues, well planned new communities, based on the Garden City principles, provide an opportunity to create high-quality inclusive places. By adopting the Garden City approach councils can rebuild trust in the development process, offering people a better quality of life by allowing for the highest sustainability standards, economies of scale, and better use of infrastructure. Given the scale of the challenges facing our communities, there has never been a more important time for councils to be innovative and ambitious in meeting local housing needs and aspirations, seizing the opportunities to create worldclass new communities.

This guide is designed to help elected members (and officers) to:

  • take advantage of the opportunities to create Garden Cities and Suburbs and deliver their benefits;
  • understand the key questions that need to be asked and the tools and resources available in planning and delivering sustainable growth; and
  • build on the latest policy hooks.


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