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Download the 'eco-towns delivery worksheet: ensuring eco-towns are delivered'

Without good delivery, the high aspirations embodied in the eco-town concept will not be realised.The intention of this Worksheet is to provide background information and guidance that will assist those involved in eco-town delivery. It is not prescriptive. However, it does describe the factors that need to be given serious consideration before reaching decisions about delivery arrangements.

Delivering an eco-town requires additional thought and focus over and above ‘normal processes’. It is a long-term commitment which needs consistent direction through periods that are longer than election cycles or individual political administrations.This Worksheet therefore concentrates on the opportunities and responsibilities that will occur when delivering an exemplar eco-town, and on the steps that can be taken to grasp them fully.

Below are a number of additional sources of information aimed to help with the delivery of eco-towns. Click on the links to download the documents.

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