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Developing effective economic strategies for eco-towns

Download the Economy Worksheet

The Worksheet describes the components that will be integral to the eco-town’s economic strategy:

  • Developing a skills base, which will involve consideration of further and higher education structures in the sub-region, along with the quality of housing to be provided.
  • The availability of spaces and land within the eco-town that are flexible for both formation and growth of targeted business and enterprise.
  • Services within the sub-region to support endogenous business growth and entrepreneurship.The economic strategy needs to map these out, particularly where they support carbon footprint minimisation, and link them with the targeted economic sectors.
  • The development of public transport to ensure that low-carbonemission goals are not breached by inappropriate levels of carbased commuting.
  • The development of innovative and robust forms of social infrastructure to reinforce the economic performance of the ecotown, such as education, health and community facilities.These sectors can also provide significant employment opportunities and provide support for the formation of social enterprises.
  • Careful consideration of the leadership vehicle that will manage the eco-town development process and provide the link with the local community as it grows and develops. Innovation in engagement, local management and overall governance are possible in the ecotown setting.
  • Assessment of the success of the eco-town through specific performance measures – the selection of the most appropriate ones is vital.

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