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European Projects

European Projects

The TCPA continues to play a lead role in three influential and cutting edge European Projects.

Spatial Planning and Energy for Communities in All Landscapes (SPECIAL)

SPECIAL is a European partnership to build the capacity of Town Planning Associations to plan and deliver sustainable energy solutions/

SPECIAL is funded by Intelligent Energy Europe and is an exciting partnership between eight Town Planning Associations (TPAs) across Europe. It will run for three years with a focus on spatial planning for the deployment of local energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions. The Town and Country Planning Association (TCPA) is lead partner with partner planning associations  in Sweden, Ireland, Hungary, Italy, Greece, Germany and Austria.

The project has been set up to help the TPAs of the partner countries meet the EU’s challenging energy and climate change targets for 2020.The project has a number of objectives around exchanging best practice and experience, promoting integrated renewable energy strategies and building the capacity of the partner planning associations in the planning and delivery of renewable energy solutions. Most importantly, the partners must then share that learning through their professional networks and maximise the dissemination of their training to others in a multiplier effect.

For more information visit www.special-eu.org or contact alex.house@tcpa.org.uk


Funded by the EU’s Lifelong Learning Programme, CLIMCAP (qualification scheme for climate adaptation in construction, architecture and planning) is a two-year pan-European project set up to develop training in climate change adaptation for those working in the built environment professions. 

The CLIMCAP project is developing an innovative EU-accredited training qualification offering professionals who work in the built environment sector the practical skills and knowledge required to plan and deliver adaptation for the built environment. Integrating climate change adaptation with planning, architecture and construction at the local level is central to building resilience to climate change in the places where people live and work. 

Research has identified that there is a gap in knowledge transfer and communication between those responsible for spatial design and planning in urban areas and the leading-edge research and solutions available across Europe.  Working together, experienced partners from five EU countries will share resources and expertise on known climate change adaptation impacts and existing training materials and modules, in order to devise a new qualification scheme. 


Leadership for Energy Action and Planning (LEAP)

The overall aim of the LEAP project is to build the capacity of European Union (EU) local authorities as key actors in accelerating the local uptake of sustainable energy measures and the move towards a low-carbon local economy. It will do this by addressing the barriers to progress in tackling climate change and sustainable energy deployment, focusing on professional and political leadership, skills and knowledge, clear policy messages, and resources.

With partners from the UK, Croatia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Slovenia, Germany and the Republic of Ireland, the project aims to build the capacity of local authorities within the European Union (EU) as key actors in accelerating the local uptake of sustainable energy measures. As well as sharing skills and knowledge, promoting policy and providing some of the resources for enabling change, the project will place a particular emphasis on professional and political leadership at the local level in driving through new and innovative energy projects that cut carbon emissions.

The LEAP partners consist of those who are more experienced in developing sustainable energy projects and those who are at the early stages of their learning. Through mentoring each other and raising awareness, LEAP will seek to create a step-change in their technical capacity and institutionalise sustainable energy policies in their operations. For more information on the LEAP project please contact Isobel Bruun-Kiaer at Isobel.Bruun-Kiaer@tcpa.org.uk or telephone 020 7930 8903.

GRaBS – Green and Blue Space Adaptation Strategies for Urban Areas and Eco-towns

The TCPA has established a network of leading organisations involved in integrating climate change adaptation into regional planning and development across Europe in the new Green and Blue Space Adaptation for Urban Areas and Eco Towns (GRaBS) project.

In a highly competitive bidding process the GRaBS project beat off competition from almost 500 applicants to the European Union European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) INTERREG IVC Programme to be one of only 35 successful projects going forward.

The GRaBS project commenced in the Autumn 2008 and will run for 3 years. For further information please see: www.grabs-eu.org

APaNGO - Advocacy, Participation and NGOs in Planning

APaNGO is a transnational partnership project part-funded by the European Union’s Interreg IIIB programme for North West Europe (NWE).

The TCPA was the lead partner on the APaNGO project. The project formed by an international network of organisations developed cutting edge skills and resources to enhance community engagement in planning. The project aimed to secure a sustainable future through creating attractive, successful towns and cities.

The 3 year APaNGO Project successfully concluded in November 2007. For further information please see: www.apango.eu  

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