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New Towns & Garden Cities: Lessons for Tomorrow

Download Main Report 'An Introduction to the UK's New Towns and Garden Cities' here

Download Appendix 'The New Towns: Five-Minute Fact Sheets' here

As a new programme of Garden Cities and New Towns looks increasingly likely, it is important to learn the lessons – good and bad – from what has been done before. The TCPA has launched 'An Introduction to the UK's New Towns and Garden Cities'. This report is the first in a two-stage project looking at those lessons, providing an overview of the Garden City and New Towns Story, and using the latest data from the New Towns themselves, offering up a snapshot of the state of these communities today.  The publication includes a main report and a “five minute” fact sheet on each of the New Towns.

The 'New Towns & Garden Cities: Lessons for Tomorrow' project is sponsored by David Lock Associates, the Lady Margaret Patterson Osborn Trust and the Planning Exchange Foundation. 

Fiction, Non-Fiction & Reference by Boyd & Evans Copyright www.boydandevans.com all rights reserved

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