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Garden City Practical Guides

Garden City Standards for the 21st Century 

Practical Guides for Creating Successful New Communities 

The nation cannot afford to build places that fail – and we should aspire to create great places, for everyone.

The Garden City principles and the TCPA's Practical Guides will help anyone attempting this task to succeed, whether or not they describe what they are trying to achieve as a ‘Garden City’. 

The Guides – on location; finance and delivery; masterplanning and design; planning for energy and climate change; homes for all; and planning for arts and culture – are designed to help those who want to create high-quality, large-scale new developments at a range of scales. 

The Practical Guides are not detailed handbooks but instead set out the scope of opportunities for ambitious councils who want to build better places. They highlight the key points for consideration in planning for growth and offer signposts to sources of further detailed information.

Three of the six guides have been launched so far:

Download Guide 4: Planning for Energy and Climate Change here

Download Guide 5: Homes for All here

Download Guide 6: I'd love to live there! Planning for Art and Culture here

The Guides reflect the situation at a particular point in time in a fast-moving policy environment, but are ‘living’ documents that will be periodically updated to reflect key policy changes.

Although they are focused on policy in England, the principles and key recommendations can be applied across the UK. 

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