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GRaBS Project Objectives

GRaBS Project Objectives

The GRaBS Project has 4 main objectives:

1. To raise awareness and increase the expertise of how green and blue infrastructure can help new and existing mixed use urban development adapt to projected climate scenarios of key bodies responsible for spatial planning and development

2. To assess the delivery mechanisms that exist for new urban mixed use development and urban regeneration in each partner country and to develop good practice action plans to co-ordinate the delivery of:

  • urban greening,
  • adaptation strategies and
  • cooperation amongst planners, stakeholders and local communities.

3. To develop an innovative, cost effective and user friendly risk and vulnerability assessment tool, to aid the strategic planning of climate change adaptation responses.

4. To improve stakeholders’ and communities’ understanding and involvement in planning, delivering and managing green infrastructure in new and existing urban mixed use development, based on positive community involvement techniques

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