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January 2013: Implementing Local Responses

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January 2013 events: Delivering and Implementing Local Responses to Climate Change

In determining planning applications, local planning authorities should expect new development to comply with adopted Local Plan policies on local requirements for decentralised energy supply… (and) ensure flood risk is not increased elsewhere and only consider development appropriate in areas at risk of flooding where, informed by a site-specific flood risk assessment. (National Planning Policy Framework, paras 96 and 103)

This Module will introduce you to considerations underpinning climate change mitigation and adaptation objectives in decision-making, set within the context of recent planning policy and regulatory changes. You will examine how to manage climate factors alongside wider local sustainable development goals, and thus take more informed decisions when determining planning applications in line with local planning policies.

You will also gain an understanding of different technologies, along with their costs, benefits and commercial implications and the planning issues associated with them. The Module covers the following themes:

  • Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Technologies, feasibility and planning issues
  • Development Management and Climate Change
  • Development Process and Viability in Climate Change

The Environment Agency will be attending the events to provide information on their flood risk planning support role, overview of key provisions of the Flood and Water Management Act, and their new flood resilience funding model. 


Download Agenda, Presentations and Briefing Materials

 Hull, 24 January 2013

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