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Inclusive Design

applying inclusive design principles to eco-town development

Download the eco-towns inclusive design worksheet

This Worksheet provides advice and guidance to planners, designers and policy-makers on how to implement ‘inclusive design’ principles in eco-town developments. It provides an explanation of the concept and core principles of inclusive design and explains how these principles can be implemented in practice. It sets out issues that should be considered at a strategic level, but it should not be seen as definitive detailed design guidance. Any references to particular design solutions are purely illustrative, for the purpose of better explaining the practical application of inclusive design principles.

The first part of the Worksheet explains in detail what inclusive design principles are, their origin in the demands of disabled people for accessible buildings, and how they are now being used to provide a more inclusive environment for all of us. It then details what needs to be done at each stage of the development and design process using the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) ‘Plan of Work’ stages as a framework.

The Worksheet then outlines the professional roles required within design teams to ensure that the principles of inclusive design are fully implemented from the start of the design process. Further advice is given on design strategies, feasibility studies, masterplan development, and the establishment of strategic access forums to provide continuing advice throughout the development of the eco-town. eco-towns inclusive design worksheet applying inclusive design principles to eco-town development: eco-towns inclusive design worksheet

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