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Land value capture and infrastructure delivery through SLICs

Download 'Land value capture and infrastructure delivery through SLICs'

In this TCPA 'Tomorrow Series' paper, John Walker sets out how SLICs, a type of Strategic Land and Infrastructure Contract, hold the key to unlocking garden cities and suburbs, as well as many other locally planned large developments. This type of contractual arrangement enables timely and predictable provision of essential infrastructure to be committed at an early stage, enhancing both investor and community confidence in the quality and deliverability of new garden cities and suburbs.

John Walker’s paper takes the Association’s highly successful Garden Cities campaign a step further, by making an important contribution to the debate about how we deliver sustainable new communities through capturing land value and creating certainty by focusing on de-risking the development process.

'Tomorrow Series' papers are publised in order to promote debate and encourage innovative thought. Views expressed in these papers are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the TCPA.

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