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Leadership for Energy Action and Planning (LEAP) Project

Background on the project
After a highly competitive bidding process, in May 2011 the Town and Country Planning Association (TCPA) (lead partner) and a network of 9 local authorities from 7 European countries won funding from the Intelligent Energy – Europe (IEE) programme to help reach ambitious carbon targets set by the European Union. The overall aim of the LEAP project is to build the capacity of European local authorities as key actors in accelerating the local uptake of sustainable energy measures and the move towards a low-carbon local economy. It will do this by addressing the barriers to progress in tackling climate change and sustainable energy deployment, focusing on professional and political leadership, skills and knowledge, clear policy messages, and resources. Learning from each other through a combination of experienced and learning partners, this project aims to strengthen local authorities by helping them to stimulate ideas on ways to overcome barriers to deliver much needed sustainable energy projects (both energy efficiency and renewable energy).

For more information visit www.leap-eu.org. The LEAP project will run until November 2013, and is being co-financed by the IEE programme which is managed by the Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation (EACI) on behalf of the European Commission.


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