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Community Involvement in Planning

These policy advice notes have been produced as outputs of the Future Planning Project, a joint collaboration between the Ethical Property Foundation and the TCPA. The project was generously sponsored by The Rayne Foundation.

Community participation is a key ingredient in the delivery of good planning outcomes. Not only is it a statutory requirement for Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) to consult on planning policies for their areas, it can assist in the identification of local needs and problems, inform policy-making, and provide feedback on service delivery while at the same time fostering a sense of local ownership and civic pride.

However, in practice, effective community involvement in the planning process is often neglected and the benefits remain unrealised. The Future Planning Project sought to tackle this issue and two policy advice notes were produced:

Download Policy Advice Note: Planning Community Needs, A guide to effective Section 106 agreements & Statements of Community Involvement

This policy advice note sets out guidance to assist developers and local authority planning officers in understanding what makes for good community participation, focusing on establishing the right mechanisms through Statements of Community Involvement (SCIs), more effective engagement at the pre-application stage of development proposals and promoting community engagement in drafting Section 106 agreements.

Download Policy Advice Note: The No Pain Guide to Gain, A community guide to planning obligations

This policy advice note compliments the guide for professionals. Based on a study of examples from around the country it provides a practical guide to enable members of a local community to understanding the planning system and to support their negotiation for real community benefits as a result of planning obligations.

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