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Planning for Culture, Arts and Sport

In 2011-12, the introduction of the Localism Act and National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) created changes to the planning system, including a significant shift towards local responsibility and renewed opportunities for local and neighbourhood planning to deliver solutions for sustainable development.

Crucially, there are policy ‘hooks’ in the NPPF to support local strategies that improve cultural wellbeing and deliver cultural facilities and services to meet the needs identified in local plans and planning decisions. Other opportunities include the introduction of the Community Infrastructure Levy and continuing appropriate use of Section 106 Planning Obligations to secure contributions to help secure local culture, arts and sporting opportunities. The NPPF makes references throughout to working more collaboratively with partners in the private, public and voluntary sectors.

This TCPA's planning for culture and sport initiative has the following resources and outputs:


Culture and Sport Planning Toolkit, updated 2013 

The Culture and Sport Planning Toolkit is a free and easily accecssible web-based resource to all pracititoners. It was initially developed by the TCPA in collaboration with the Government's cultural and sport agencies in 2009. All information and materials can be accessed from the Toolkit website at www.cultureandsportplanningtoolkit.org.uk 


Good Practice Guide for Improving Culture, Arts and Sporting Opportunities through Planning. June 2013

The TCPA brings together statutory and non-statutory organisations working in planning, culture, sport, arts and leisure to produce non-statutory but cross-sector supported planning guidance for practitioners in the public, private and charity sectors. It will be the first of its kind on planning for culture and sport and involve:

  • advice for practitioners working in the new Localism Act and NPPF policy landscape of plan-making, evidence requirements and partnership working practices to illustrate existing practice across England in planning for culture and sport;
  • providing further clarification and advice on operational policy requirements in the NPPF in relation to an approach to support positive planning for culture and sport;
  • drawing together existing planning guidance provided by organisations such as libraries, archives and museums, public art, theatres, studio provision, open space, recreation and sport, and historic environment.
  • Illustrate with case studies to highlight key messages and outcomes.

It is supported by a number of organisations from the planning, culture, arts and sport sectors. 


TCPA-CLOA Seminar Series, June/ July 2013

The TCPA will jointly plan and deliver a series of regional seminars with the Chief Cultural and Leisure Officers Association (cCLOA) to disseminate and discuss the guide in a more regional/ local contexts. The seminars will create a framework for engaging with practitioners within the target audience group identified during the development of the publication. Presentations and materials will be available after the seminar series. The seminars are also supported by Moirai Capital Investments.   


For further information please contact Michael Chang on Michael.Chang@tcpa.org.uk.


The TCPA is pleased to acknowledge support for, and contributions from the South East Cultural Improvement Forum, Arts Council England, The National Archives, Chief Cultural and Leisure Officers Association and the Theatres Trust. 

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