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Planning for the upturn

'planning for the upturn - developing in the downturn' is a TCPA action agenda

Download 'planning for the upturn – developing in the downturn' - a TCPA action agenda 

The reduction in planning applications by around one fifth and the fall in housing starts by 58% obscure the underlying need for many of the UK population to acquire a new home. At present building rates, the Government’s target of 3million new homes by 2020 will not be met. But the TCPA’s projections show that Government estimates of the number of future households remain conservative. Much of the recession – and therefore the recovery – clearly depends on the availability of credit, and specifically mortgages. If credit and mortgages become available again quickly, the recovery in the land values and prices could be fast. Others are predicting a faltering recovery, in which private housebuilding will not climb significantly, owing to weaker capacity in a now contracted industry. Good planning that provides for bringing forward development in either of these two circumstances will therefore be crucial to getting development right for future generations.

The outline agenda for action is born out of the TCPA’s unique cross-sector membership – it represents an active response to the need to both develop well in a downturn and plan properly for the upturn.

The document was produced following a series of high-level roundtable discussions with key stakeholders and published in the autumn 2009


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