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November: Planning Local Responses

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November events: Planning Local Policy Responses to Climate Change

Local planning authorities should adopt proactive strategies to mitigate and adapt to climate change - In line with the objectives and provisions of the Climate Change Act 2008- taking full account of flood risk, coastal change and water supply and demand considerations. (National Planning Policy Framework, para 94)

This Module will help you understand the policy requirements of the new planning framework, and how to build the component partsof an evidence base on climate change mitigation and adaptation that will inform local planning strategies, policiesand neighbourhood plans.You will look at what existing evidence is readily available to councils, and at how it can be used to inform policies. The Module will also help you develop an understanding of mitigation and adaptation approaches to enable better-informed policy judgments to be made. The Module covers the following themes:

  • Planning tools: Local and Neighbourhood Planning and the new National Planning Policy Framework for climate change
  • Climate change evidence-base for decision-taking in mitigation and adaptation
  • Flood risk support and advice from the Environment Agency
  • How the Duty to Cooperate could work when Local Planning Authorities are confronted with multiple planning issues.


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