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Planning Healthy-weight environments 2014

Planning Healthy-Weight Environments

The TCPA is undertaking further workshops through 2015. For details about the workshops please go to here and expression of interest to becoming involved in collaborating on and hosting a workshop please contact Michael.Chang@tcpa.org.uk

Project outputs 

For more information please contact Michael Chang on Michael.Chang@tcpa.org.uk or 0207 930 8903. Limited hard copies can be requested but postage may be charged. 

Overview (click to see Project Synopsis)

Mainstream media continues to report on the obesity crisis in society. It is now a major socio-economic and financial issue which planning and planners in its wider social, economic and environmental role, must play its part. In other words, continuing with the status quo is not an option, and the planning process must play its role. This new project is the next stage of the TCPA Reuniting Health with Planning initiative to look at ways in which planning and development of the built environment can contribute to encouraging healthier populations, in particular when bringing forward different development types through the planning process.


Project approach

  • Collate academic and applied evidence on healthy-weight environments (and obesogenic), including guidance and information from across UK and internationally,
  • identify implications for planners and the UK planning system,
  • examine how built environment professionals can contribute to creating healthy-weight environments, and what stops them from doing so currently,
  • identify existing and emerging examples (across a range of development scales),
  • provide a practical resource for planning and development by creating certainty about what elements can be found in a healthy-weight environment,
  • share lessons to inform and inspire local place-shapers (including developers) and to influence national programmes and initiatives


Project elements

 Stage 1: Collate evidence, background policy and practice research (on recently adopted Local Plans, and all Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategies for England), and establish evaluation criteria

 Stage 2: Identify practice examples of Development Types

 Stage 3: Conduct workshops on Development Types

  • Existing neighbourhoods (the street, public space, open space)
  • Regeneration (estates, area-wide regeneration)
  • Town centres (high street, change of use activities)
  • Small-scale development (infill, windfall sites)
  • Large-scale development (extensions or new communities)

Stage 4: Prepare resource – an illustrative guide with David Lock Associates

Stage 5: Hold launch event - provisionally for 4 December in the Houses of Parliament, London. Please get in touch for more details. 

Stage 6: Disseminate findings and resources 

Stage 7: Evaluation of practititioners and practice


Workshops partners and locations

For more information, please go to Workshops

  1. Sefton Council - 21 August, Sefton
  2. Hertfordshire County Council - 2 September, Stevenage
  3. Luton Council - 5 September, Luton
  4. Stockport Council - 8 September, Stockport
  5. Lincolnshire County Council - 10 September, Lincoln
  6. Suffolk County Council - 12 September, Ipswich
  7. Sandwell Council and the Canal and River Trust, 23 September, Sandwell
  8. In parallel and not directly linked to this project, the Greater London Authority held two planning and health workshops for London Boroughs on the 6 and 28 August.


Project timescales

  • May to July – Collate evidence and existing practice, identify development examples, engage with partners and stakeholders,
  • June- July - co-ordinate workshops with hosting Local Authorities
  • August-September – Deliver workshops
  • September/October – Write outputs
  • December – Launch event 4 December. 
  • December - January 2015 - dissemination
  • November – TCPA Health and Planning special edition
  • February 2015 - Seminar with LPHWM



The TCPA, in working with Andrew Ross, acknowledge the involvement and support of the following:

  • Public Health England
  • Hertfordshire County Council
  • David Lock Associates (and in the production of the illustration)
  • Luton Borough Council
  • Canal and River Trust
  • Lincolnshire County Council
  • Stockport Council
  • Sandwell Council
  • Sefton Council
  • Suffolk County Council
  • West Midlands Learning for Public Health

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