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Our Voice

Our unique voice can be found through our long-established Journal, our highly regarded publications and throughout the local, national and specialist press. The TCPA campaigns for sustainable development through planning and provides provocative comment in response to the evolving policy agenda. Working in partnership with key public and private sector bodies, the TCPA helps to shape public opinion and government thinking.

Our policy and projects 

The range and depth of the TCPA's policy work, research, projects and publications can be highlighted by a few of our recent achievements:

Creating Garden Cities and Suburbs Today: Building on the TCPA’s legacy, the TCPA has been busy setting out a positive and proactive agenda around garden cities, launching ‘Re-imagining Garden Cities for the 21st Century’ over summer 2011, with a positive response from Government and recognition of the role of large scale new developments in the Housing Strategy in November 2011. More recently, the Prime Minister has made a statement outlining his support of the garden city principles in March 2012 and the new National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) also acknowledges these guiding principles for new locally planned large scale development.

In May 2012 the TCPA published ‘Creating Garden Cities and Suburbs for Today’, a direct response to Government’s challenge for the sector to come together to show how the Garden City approach can be reinvented for the 21st Century. It is intended to be a catalyst for action by politicians, community and self-build groups, housing associations and housebuilders, investors and landowners, local authorities, and planners, spurring them to work together towards creating highly sustainable new communities based on Garden City principles – such as stronger community engagement and ownership, long term private sector commitment, and visionary design.

The TCPA's New Communities Group (NCG) was originally set up in 2009 by the TCPA and DCLG as the Eco-development Group, and in 2013 it was rebranded to become the New Communities Group. Its members are local authority planning departments and development trusts delivering exemplary large-scale new developments of over 3,000 dwellings. HCA's Advisory Team for Large Applications (ATLAS) is also a member and provides ongoing support to the local authorities. The group helps develop the local authority's proposals for large scale new development and encourage a sharing of knowledge and best practice through seminars, workshops, study visits, parliamentary meetings and newsletters. Together the group is providing innovative local leadership for plans delivering over 60,000 new homes.

European Projects: Over the last few years, the TCPA expanded its influence into European projects, developing pan-European relationships and networks to exchange and share learning and best practice. To date, the TCPA has been the lead partner for three influential and cutting edge European projects. Currently, the TCPA is leading LEAP (Leadership in Energy Action and Planning). Previous to that, the Association was involved in APaNGO (Advocacy, Participation and NGOs in Planning) and the RegioStar Award winning GRaBS (Green and Blue Space Adaptation in Urban Areas and Eco-towns) project.

The Planning and Climate Change Coalition has been brought together by Friends of the Earth and the TCPA, includes over 40 cross-sector organisations and individuals. The Coalition has worked hard to ensure that the planning system makes a full contribution to meeting the climate change challenge. Most recently, the Coalition has produced the first sector-led environmental planning guidance of its kind since the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) took effect in March 2012, ‘Planning for climate change – guidance for local authorities’

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