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Planning Healthier Places 2013

Download 'Planning healthier places. Report from the reuniting health with planning project', November 2013

(Footnote: please note this is the amended version from the printed version with changes to bullet point 3 on pp. 21 and pp.22 on Sandwell and shisha bars. See notice of amendment)

Download 'reuniting health with planning – creating health promoting environments', T&CP, January 2014

In 2012, the TCPA and Andrew Ross researched, published and disseminated a practitioners’ handbook, Reuniting Health With Planning: Healthier Homes, Healthier Communities - Phase 1.  The handbook set out how local areas could use the government’s planning, health and social care reforms to integrate planning and health. This was complemented by a seminar series that provided practitioners with an opportunity to discuss the findings of the project within the context of their local area. 

In 2013, the Phase 2 of the project aims to set out key messages and advice to help planning and health practitioners work collaboratively to create healthier places and communities, based on a practical understanding of how things are working in selected case-study areas. It consisted research and engagement work supported by roundtables in case study areas to develop a set of pathways for using planning to promote local health and wellbeing with a framework of strategic themesset out in the National Planning Policy Framework and the Public Health Outcomes Framework. 


Project presentation: Michael Chang, TCPA, and Andrew Ross

12 July - West Midlands (West Midlands Learning for Public Health): Evidence on effectiveness of existing planning policy in regeneration projects, mainstreaming health into planning policy and planning decisions, and better dissemination and information sharing across the region. See Agenda and Briefing

17 July - Hertfordshire (Hertfordshire County Council): Work effectively across the districts in the two-tier area and reinforce the planning role to help deliver local priority for Healthy Weight, obesity and physical activity. See 

18 July - Stockport (Stockport Council): “Changing Assumptions” with Hone Zones, transport planning and sustainability of small scale developments as examples. See

24 July - Knowsley (First Ark Group and Knowsley Council): Healthy Homes initiative, and manage housing need, spatial location of growth and maintain health benefits of existing green space. See 

4 September - Bristol (Bristol City Council): Embed health sustainability in the planning and delivery of new major development proposals. 

5 September - Manchester (Manchester City Council): Explore the potential for broader health and planning links to address the challenge of achieving health through planning in the context of the existing evolving built environment.  

13 September - Lincolnshire (Lincolnshire County Council and the Central Lincolnshire Joint Planning Unit): Work effectively across the districts in the two-tier area, and embed health and sustainability in housing growth and regeneration proposals which take into account demographic challenges.  

19 September - Newham (London Borough of Newham Council): Implementation of Local Plan policies on planning for health, and the draft London Healthy Urban Planning Checklist.  


The TCPA is pleased to acknowledge support from the Planning Exchange Foundation, Public Health England, Bristol City Council, First Ark Group, Hertfordshire County Council, Lincolnshire County Council, Sandwell Council and the West Midlands Learning for Public Health Network, Stockport Council, Manchester City Council and the London Borough of Newham.


External links

Through this project, the TCPA wishes to make as many practical links to existing networks, initiatives, projects and programmes from across England, to ensure that practitioners are given and presented with consistent and coherent information and guidance in this topic area. 


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