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Sustainable Energy By Design

Sustainable Energy By Design

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The aim of this guide is to show how sustainable energy can be integrated into the planning, design and development of new and existing communities. The guide is provided for local authorities, developers, investors and managers in the public and private sectors. It promotes opportunities for sustainable energy and considers the role of the planning system, communities, other stakeholders and delivery bodies. 

There is a growing body of examples of low-carbon or carbon-neutral developments from across the UK and from abroad. Some focus on reducing energy demand, others include new or more established energy generating technologies. Often they include both. In other places, innovative mechanisms have been used to deliver low-carbon energy generation and supply networks on a citywide scale.

The public sector often takes the lead in initiating projects, but many excellent examples are led by developers. The most effective projects have been those where partnerships build capacity for sustainable development.

This guide demonstrates what is being, and what could be, done today. It focuses on the role of design, architecture and planning in the context of sustainable development and creating low-carbon communities. The case studies show how different low- and zero-carbon energy technologies can be integrated into different types of development and highlight the financial mechanisms that have made this possible. The guide also points to where more information can be found.

The TCPA wishes to acknowledge the input and financial support of English Partnerships, CABE and the Countryside Agency, and the financial support of the Pilkington Energy Efficiency Trust. The inclusion of a case study or mention of a company or product in this guide does not imply endorsement.

This Guide has been prepared by Robert Shaw, former Director of Policy & Projects at the TCPA, and Jonathan Marrion and Robert Webb from XCO2 for the TCPA. Assistance and comment was provided by Dan Epstein from English Partnerships, Elanor Warwick from CABE, David Turrent from ECD Architects Ltd and Christine Tudor from the Countryside Agency.

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