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New towns - past present and future

This conference took place on 15 September 2015

There is now a clear consensus that England is suffering from a major housing crisis. We are not building enough homes, of the right type, in the right places or to high enough standards to meet our changing demographics needs, to address climate change and rebalance the UK’s economy.

For the first time in a generation the leaders of the three main Westminster political parties have shown their support for delivering a new wave of Garden Cities in England, and made manifesto commitments to support this. Meanwhile, the role of large scale development in meeting housing needs is also an issue for debate elsewhere in the UK, with the RICS Scottish Housing Commission recently recommending a programme of New Towns in Scotland, and MPs in Wales discussing the role of new Garden Cities in dealing with Cardiff’s housing needs.

There are many lessons, good and bad, that all those involved in delivering large scale development today can learn from the Garden City movement and the delivery of the New Towns programme, which between 1946 and 1970 delivered 32 New Towns across the UK, today providing homes for over 2.7 million people.

 The TCPA has undertaken a research project (New Towns & Garden Cities: Lessons for Tomorrow) looking at what the Garden Cities and the New Towns programme can tell us about creating new Garden Cities or New Towns that will truly be able to deliver their outstanding benefits for future generations. Stage 1 of the research ‘An Introduction to the UK’s Garden Cities and New Towns’ was published in 2014 and includes a series of ‘Five Minute Fact Sheets’ on the UK’s 32 New Towns which use the latest census data to provide a snapshot of the New Towns today.  Stage 2 of the study explored what case-study New Towns can teach us about tackling key delivery issues facing a new generation of garden cities.

To download presentations from the conference click on the speaker's name, below:

Mary Parsons Group Director - Placemaking and Regeneration, Places for People Creating liveable and affordable new communities

Katy Lock Garden Cities and New Towns Advocate TCPA TCPA New Towns Study - Final Report: Delivery Lessons from the UK's New Towns and Garden Cities

Professor Sir Malcolm Grant CBE Chair NHS England Healthy New Towns

Colin Haigh Head of Planning, Welwyn Hatfield Council Welwyn Garden City

Anna Rose Director for Planning and Transport, Milton Keynes Council Milton Keynes

Councillor John Gardner Deputy Leader of the Council, Stevenage Borough Council Stevenage

Tim Gibbs Divisional Manager - Policy and Development Services, Halton Borough Council Runcorn

Malcolm Morley Chief Executive, Harlow District Council Harlow

Lord Kerslake Chair, Peabody, Peabody Housing Association - Keynote speech 

Andy Farrell Executive Director for Environment and Regeneration, Warrington Borough Council Warrington

Matthew Bradbury Chief Executive, Nene Park Trust A successful model for funding parks and green spaces

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