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TCPA Conference: Garden City Principles - from theory to practice

The government's recently published prospectus, 'Locally Led Garden Cities', has focused attention the TCPA's Garden City Principles as vital ingredients for creating high quality and sustainable new places. But what do the principles really mean? And how can they be put into practice in the difficult context of locally led, large-scale new developments with all the funding, infrastructure, community engagement and delivery issues that they will entail?

This very timely conference will bring together experienced practitioners, local leaders, private sector consultants, planners, designers, developers and others who are serious about delivering the new generation of garden cities. A mixture of plenary sessions and workshops will allow all participants to contribute and to learn from each other. 

The Garden City Principles, devised by Ebenezer Howard more than 100 years ago, have proved enduringly successful as an interlocking framework for the delivery of high quality places. Now, with issues such as climate change adaptation, the increasing recognition of the value of green infrastructure, and the need to plan and design high quality new places to the fore, the TCPA will explore how the Garden City Principles remain essential to the process of planning new places that people will welcome today and value for generations to come.

This event is vital for anyone bringing forward large-scale new developments -  in particular those that might be submitted for funding following the Prospectus -  including: councillors, local authority chief executives, planners, developers, architects, landscape architects, social housing providers, development trusts and community groups, consultants, lawyers, academics.

The Garden City Principles

These principles form an indivisible and interlocking framework for the delivery of high-quality places:

  • A fair distribution to the community of the profits that result from new development, founded on land value capture and the control of core utilities.
  • Strong political support and leadership, with firm commitment to a clear vision and community participation.
  • A suitable body to manage community assets over the long term.
  • Mixed-tenure homes and housing types, with the majority of homes genuinely affordable.
  • A full range of employment opportunities within easy commuting distance of homes.
  • Beautifully and imaginatively designed, high-quality homes with gardens, combining the best of town and country living to create healthy living environments.
  • Development that enhances the natural environment, providing net biodiversity gains and using zerocarbonand energy-positive technology to ensure climate resilience.
  • Strong cultural, recreational and shopping facilities in walkable, vibrant sociable neighbourhoods.
  • Integrated and accessible transport systems, with walking, cycling and public transport designed to be the most attractive forms of local transport.

Download speaker presentations below:

Dr Hugh Ellis, Head of Policy, TCPA: What are the Garden City principles and why do they matter?

Cathal Rock, Garden Cities Policy Manager, Department for Communities and Local GovernmentLocally-led Garden Cities – creating high-quality places for future generations 

David Lock CBE, Trustee and Vice-President, TCPA: Obtaining planning permission for new Garden Cities

Debate: Paying for and Delivering Garden Cities

Gerry Hughes, National Head of Planning, Development and Regeneration, GVA: Does the Locally-led Garden Cities prospectus offer enough for the private sector?

Peter Freeman, Non-executive Director, Argent, and Director, Mayfields Market Towns Ltd: Can private sector investment alone fund new Garden Cities?

Jeremy Cahill QC, No5 Chambers: Land value capture and compensation for landowners – a legal perspective

John Lewis, Chief Executive, Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation: A partnership approach to delivering new Garden Cities

Simon Leask, Head of ATLAS, HCA-ATLAS: The role of HCA-ATLAS in enabling new Garden Cities

Keynote address

Roberta Blackman-Woods MP, Shadow Minister, Communities and Local Government: Why high quality is vital if new Garden Cities are to succeed

Workshop 1: Delivering economically resilient Garden Cities

No presentations

Workshop 2: Delivering socially resilient Garden Cities

No presentations

Workshop 3: Delivering high-quality design and climate resilience

Dr Patrick Clarke, Director, Strategic Planning and Urban Design, URS

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