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TCPA Seminar: Understanding planning inspectors, local plan implementation and planning decision-making

Planning is both a tool and legal process to ensure that the policies that local planning authorities develop for local planning documents and the decisions made on individual planning applications aresound, robust, conform to national policies and consider all material considerations. Inspectors from the Planning Inspectorate (PINs) – a DCLG executive agency responsible for planning appeals, national infrastructure planning applications, and examinations of local plans in England and Wales –are appointed to adjudicate the process and make formal recommendations before final decisions aremade.

When preparing local plans, local planning authorities must ensure they are positively prepared,justified, effective, and consistent with national policy (in line with the soundness test set out inparagraph 182 of the NPPF). When determining planning applications, decisions should be made inaccordance with the development plan, unless material considerations indicate otherwise (paragraph196 of the NPPF).Taking material considerations into account and producing an up-to-date and relevant evidence baseare critical factors for local planning authorities across a range of planning issues, including housing,public health and environmental impacts. These are necessary to develop policy or make decisionsthat will be accepted by Planning Inspectors in an examination in public of local planning documentsor when defending decisions on specific planning applications at appeal.

However, in practice there is often a lack of experience and understanding of the role and function ofplanning inspectors, the extent to which material considerations are taken into account in finaldecisions, and the nature of evidence that can be accepted. Consequently, outcomes often go againstlocal policy and the interests of communities, creating uncertainty for local planning authorities, localcommunities and private sector interests alike.


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LONDON - 20 May 2014

Agenda and presentations

13.00 Welcome and introduction from the Chair, Dr Hugh Ellis, TCPA

13:15 Session 1: Local plan-making process and implementation

14:15 Questions and discussion

14:30 Coffee break and networking

14:50 Session 2: Approaches and lessons

16:15 Questions and discussion

16:30 Closing remarks from the Chair, seminar end and networking            


This seminar is supported by the Planning Officers Society and Public Health England.


West Midlands Birmingham 17 June 2014

See agenda and presentation through the Learning for Public Health West Midlands website here

This seminar is supported by the Learning for Public Health West Midlands network, Planning Officers Society and Public Health England.

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