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Green Infrastructure: from concept to reality Thursday 16 June 2016 Arup

Presentations from this conference can be downloaded by clicking on the links below

Session1: The national context

10.10 An introduction to the Government’s 25-year Natural Environment PlanNick Barter, Head of Environment Strategy, Defra

10.30 Mapping the country’s green spaces, Paul Riches, Geographic Information Customer Group, Department for Business,Innovation & Skills

10.50 Green infrastructure research and innovation: where are we? Robyn Thomas, Head of Innovation Programmes and Partnership, NERC


Session2: Large-scale delivery of green infrastructure: what’s happening?

11.45 Lessons from around the worldTom Armour, Head of Landscape, Arup

12.05 HS2 – a linear green infrastructure project, Christoph Brintrup, Landscape Design Technical Lead, HS2 (No presentation available)


Session3: Local green infrastructure: partnerships and potential

13.40 Delivering green infrastructure with developers and communities, Jonathan Ducker, Head of Business Development, The Land Trust

14.00 Working with businesses to deliver green infrastructure, Emma Luke, Principal Consultant, LUC

14.20 Creating multifunctional green infrastructure at Old Oak Common and Park RoyalPeter Farnham, Principal Planning Officer, Old Oak Common and Park Royal Development Corporation


Session4: Discussion: A new era for green infrastructure and public health?

15.10 Active design, Charles Johnston, Director of Property, Sport England

15.30 Communities, health and green spaces, Graham Duxbury, Chief Executive, Groundwork (No presentation available)

15.50 A new era for green infrastructure and public health? Dr William Bird MBE, CEO and Founder, Intelligent Health

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