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The support we provide

The support we provide

  • Training and capacity-building: Whether through creative master-classes, seminars, study tours or mentoring, the TCPA is experienced and successful at working with local authorities and communities to help them develop the skills and knowledge they need to make informed decisions.
  • The basics of the planning: The TCPA can communicate the basics of the planning system to non-planning audiences in a clear and interactive manner. Case studies are used to solve hypothetical planning issues, as well as utilising practical guidance.
  • Communicating the climate change challenge: By exploring the real, direct impacts of a changing climate on local communities and thus personalising the global challenge, the TCPA provides a powerful and engaging narrative which helps local authorities to undertake the transformational culture change necessary to deliver on climate change. The TCPA takes a holistic approach to sustainable development, providing gateways to impartial technical advice on how to develop councils’ roles in building a low-carbon future for their local area, a future in which communities are more resilient to the threats of extreme weather such as heatwaves and flooding.
  • Solutions-led responses: There are real solutions to the challenges of climate change. The TCPA makes clear the benefits of renewable energy provision and adaptation measures for local authorities, showing how decisions on waste, green infrastructure, urban design, renewable energy and transport can make a real difference.
  • Planning policy support and gateways to impartial technical advice: The TCPA demystifies the planning process and sets out policy frameworks in easily understandable ways. For example, the TCPA’s unique Eco-towns Worksheet series provides practical guidance – through expert recommendations, case studies, and pointers to sources of further information – on how to achieve the highest standards in sustainable development.
  • European experience: Drawing on its work on the EU-funded GRaBS project (Green and Blue Adaptation for Urban Areas and Eco-towns), the TCPA is able to demonstrate, using a GRaBS-developed tool, some of the climate change risks and vulnerabilities for all UK local authorities. Based on a GIS system and Google-mapping techniques, this simple tool can provide a powerful political motivation for action on climate change adaptation. We can help to create climate change adaptation strategies and identify the practical actions necessary to improve a local area’s resistance to a changing climate. 
  • Inclusive design: The TCPA can assist local planning authorities to turn commitments in corporate strategy for inclusive design into practical and deliverable outcomes. We focus on placemaking, inclusivity, cohesive communities and planning for all sections of society including disabled and older people. The TCPA can help community groups engage with the planning process to improve inclusivity in their areas.

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