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Bc-'To-morrow: A Peaceful Path to Real Reform' (2003)

Bc-'To-morrow: A Peaceful Path to Real Reform' (2003)

Under the more familiar title, Garden Cities of Tomorrow, Ebenezer Howard's 1898 masterpiece has been republished and translated into many languages. It has helped spawn garden cities and garden suburbs worldwide - including nearly 30 British New Towns. Yet To-morrow has never since been published in its original form - partly because of its elaborate and expensive colour diagrams, lost in the subsequent editions. In consequence, Howard's message has been misunderstood and distorted. To celebrate the centenary of the first garden city at Letchworth, the TCPA intiated the republication of the very scarce first edition in facsimilie, accompanied by a commentary from three leading commentators. Liberally illustrated by contemporary pictures and diagrams, it throws new light on London in the 1890s and on the people and ideas which helped shape Howard's thought and how those ideas are relevant to building sustainable communties today.


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