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Bb-'Poundbury - The Town That Charles Built' (2006)

Bb-'Poundbury - The Town That Charles Built' (2006)

Poundbury - The brainchild of the Prince of Wales - has rarely been out of the news since the first footings were laid in 1993, and even more rarely without contention. Is it no more than an escape into an imaginary past or is it a modern, sustainable community - a model for the future. Dennis Hardy provides the first comprehensive account of an innovative experiment. He sets it in the context of a colourful history of experimental communities. Poundbury builds on this tradition but responds to contemporary challenges of sustainability, social inclusion and community values. The book is intended for the general reader as well as professionals, with the aim of casting light on a subject where the truth is too often obscured in a whirlpool of contention. It offers a novel account that allows people who live in Poundbury to give their own views. And ones understanding of it all benefits from the perceptive and delightful photos by Jane Woolsenden.


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